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Fire Emblem Fest Round VI

The official posting period has concluded. However, this challenge traditionally includes an indefinite amnesty period, so you are more than welcome to post for any prompts you have claimed until such time as Round VII begins. Prompts that have not been filled by then will be returned to the prompt pool. And now, our master list:


The Most Unexpected Payment by [personal profile] sarajayechan [Echoes – Celica / Mae / Genny / Boey / Saber]
Take Care by [personal profile] sarajayechan [Fates – Hana / Sakura]
Forever Love (Forever Dream) by [personal profile] sarajayechan [Echoes – Alm / Celica]
In Our Little Corner of the World by [personal profile] sarajayechan [Fates – Niles / Leo]
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Title: in our little corner of the world
Game: Fates
Characters/Pairings: Niles/Leo
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Their relationship pushed the boundaries of prince and retainer, even friends. How odd that a former criminal could make Leo feel the safest of anyone he'd ever known.
Word Count: 637
Author's Note: Warning for mentions of child abuse.

Leo / Niles - A chance to safely let his guard down

Leo found it easier to open up more about certain things to Niles. )
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Title: Forever Love (Forever Dream)
Game: Echoes
Characters/Pairings: Alm/Celica
Rating: PG
Summary: He came this close to losing someone else dear to him. The most important one.
Word Count: 600
Author's Note: Takes place immediately after the final battle.

Any (& or /) Any – Hold me tight and don't let go.

Rigel,, Valentia. A single kingdom whose future is in his and Celica's hands. )
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Title: Take Care
Game: Fates
Characters/Pairings: Hana/Sakura
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Hana prides herself on being no simple retainer, but she often forgets there's another side to that distinction.
Word Count: 655
Author's Note: dammit why do I like this trope so much

Any f/f pair - throw your arms around me (n)

I want your promise. )
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Title: The Most Unexpected Payment
Game: Echoes
Characters/Pairings: Celica/Mae/Genny/Boey/Saber
Rating: NC-17
Summary: He's no stranger to being "thanked" like this, but not by a bunch of teenagers.
Word Count: 2703
Author's Note: Takes place shortly before Valbar and his guys join the crew.

Celica / Mae / Genny / Boey / Saber - Saber's not sure whose idea it was to "thank him for his services" like this, but he's pretty sure he's not resisting as much as he should.

I don't think words are enough to convey my gratitude. )
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Fire Emblem Fest Round VI

Please excuse the lack of a "Claiming Has Ended" post, as I did not feel it was necessary. That being said, as promised, the entire month of June is our official posting period, so please feel free to take those claims and make good upon them. I look forward to seeing what everybody produces. Good luck!
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FE Fest Round 6

*deep breath*

The prompts have been gathered! Claiming may now begin, and will run until the end of the day (EDT) on May 29. Posting will then begin as soon as the month of June does. When looking at these lists, the most important thing to keep in mind is that & means a gen prompt, while / means a pairing prompt. Groups of characters separated by commas (e.g. Tailtiu, Chulainn, Lex) are also gen.

Claims may be left in comments to this post. There is no limit to the number of prompts you may claim, and multiple posters are welcome to claim the same prompt, if they wish. Please direct any questions you have to the Welcome Post for this round.

Claim away. :-)

(Any / All) )

Archanea )

Valentia )

Jugdral )

Elibe – Blazing Blade Era )

Elibe – Binding Blade Era )

Magvel )

Tellius )

Ylisse )

Fates )

Heroes )

Non–<i>Heroes</i> Crossovers )
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FE Fest Round 6

Thank you all for the new prompts you have submitted! The prompt list / claims post will go up as soon as I have finished organizing everything (i.e. this evening). Claiming will begin as soon as that post goes up.
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FE Fest Round VI

This is the post for leaving new prompts, and it will be open from May 15 (today) to May 22. Since I intend to post a complete prompt list by the end of the day on May 22, I am going to set the end time for prompting at 5 PM (EDT) on that day to give myself time to get all of the new prompts organized. Here are several things to remember:

— The format for prompting has not changed: Game, Character(s) / Pairing(s) – Prompt.

— You may leave as many prompts as you wish, both in total and per comment.

— To preserve the anonymity of our prompters and stick to prior practice, all comments to this post will be screened, so, if you have any questions, please go to the Welcome Post and ask them there.

— For ease of handling, prompts will now be organized by in-game continent. For example, the original Fire Emblem, its direct sequel, and the remakes of both will have their prompts listed under Archanea. (The Fates continent has no official name, so that section is Fates.) The one distinction that I will draw, due to the large number of existing prompts and the long time skip between the two games, is for Elibe, which will be subdivided into Blazing Blade Era and Binding Blade Era. ... A little unwieldy, I admit, but so is the Fire Emblem universe. When prompting, just list the game, and leave it to me to decide where the prompt goes.

— Prompts will no longer be organized by whether they are gen, het, slash, femslash, poly, etc. All existing prompts will be amalgamated together under their appropriate continent headers.

— Related: Where applicable in the older prompts, I am switching in localized names where they have since become available. This is more of a headache than I expected, but I hope it will help reduce confusion a little bit.

— Prompts for Fire Emblem Heroes are also welcome, and they will be under the Heroes header. I suppose I could make it the Zenith header, but they spend a lot of time going other places, after all.

— I am also making a header for Non-Heroes Crossovers. These can include crossovers with other Fire Emblem games, crossovers with other IPs entirely (e.g. Final Fantasy), or crossover elements that already exist in other games (e.g. Project X Zone 2 and Smash Bros.).

— There is still a header for (Any / All), too, so feel free to leave prompts that are not for any one game or set of characters.

— If you want to leave prompts for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, those are welcome, too.

— Heck, you can leave prompts for Tear Ring Saga and Berwick Saga if you are so inclined. Those are part of the family, too, and I can make a Lieberia header for that.

— Perhaps the most important addition: Since Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is happening in the middle of the prompting period (May 19), feel free to put up prompts for that, too. Those will go under the Valentia header (... despite guest appearances from Archanea characters). If requested, I am willing to extend the prompting period for Valentia prompts only, since I doubt very many of us are going to beat that game in three days. Claiming will still open on May 22.

Okay, that should be everything. Like I said above, if you have any questions, please direct them to the Welcome Post. Otherwise, let the prompting begin. I hope to see a ton of 'em!
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Fire Emblem Fest Round VI

Greetings! I am the [personal profile] samuraiter, and, with the blessing of [personal profile] bonnefois, I will be moderating this round of the [community profile] fe_fest. Rules and guidelines are the same as noted for the previous round, save for the following notes:

— Due to the end of Live Journal as a home for fandom, [community profile] fe_fest has become a Dreamwidth exclusive. If you have come here from Live Journal to play, then I bid you a warm welcome.

— Due to my ineptitude at using it (and general distrust of it as a platform), Tumblr is not going to be used for this round, either. All business involving [community profile] fe_fest will be conducted here on Dreamwidth.

— All remaining prompts from previous rounds will carry over into this round, and they will be organized in roughly the same manner, though I am going to make tweaks to the formatting.

New prompts will be accepted from May 15 to May 22.

Claiming will then be open from May 22 to May 29.

The official posting period will run for the entire month of June, followed by amnesty, which will have no definite end date. Fanworks posted during amnesty will not be added to the master list when that is posted at the end of the official posting period.
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Good news: Samuraiter has taken over moderating the fest. However, because of the current upheaval on LJ, it's being moved to Right now things like the timeline are being reconsidered, and he's going to make some changes with the prompt list.

Please stay tuned for more.
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Title: Soar
Game: Sacred Stones
Characters/Pairings: Tana/Eirika
Rating: G
Summary: Eirika just might feel her safest in the skies with Tana.
Word Count: 435
Author's Note: Just a bit of fluff.

Sometimes I wish we could stay up here forever. )
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Title: To Know
Game: Sacred Stones
Characters/Pairings: Saleh, Ewan
Rating: G
Summary: Ewan and Saleh have a little chat.
Word Count: 475
Author's Note: Takes place after Scorched Sand, Eirika's route. Originally it was going to touch on how knowledge can be dangerous because of Lyon's downfall, but that seemed a little TOO obvious. Besides, Knoll didn't tell anyone but Natasha and Duessel the real story, so.

When they meet up with Prince Ephraim and his party, he starts overhearing things. )
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Title: don't be a hero
Game: Sacred Stones
Characters/Pairings: L'Arachel/Eirika
Rating: PG
Summary: It was as though she thought herself invincible, and those who thought themselves invincible were usually proven wrong in the worst way.
Word Count: 860
Author's Note: Takes place between chapters 19 and 20, during one of the Skirmish options.

At least back then, though, L'Arachel would listen. )
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[personal profile] sarajayechan
Title: Brush Strokes
Game: Fates
Characters/Pairings: F!Kamui/Syalla
Rating: PG
Summary: Syalla's legs are only one of her best features.
Word Count: 417
Author's Note: Syalla totally sleeps with her hair in a braid. This is my spontaneous headcanon. And her mother is Orochi because I can't unsee a pink-haired Femui with an Orochi-haired Syalla.

Finally, I use an honorific because Hoshido is Japan.

It's softer than silk, and it always smells like the lilacs it shares its color with. )
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Title: Soothing Melodies
Game: Radiant Dawn
Characters/Pairings: Nailah/Rafiel
Rating: PG
Summary: Her voice isn't nearly as soothing as a heron's would be, and she only knows the melody and the words from hearing him so often.
Word Count: 387
Author's Note: Takes place after 4-4.

He doesn't speak of his past very often, not since she found him nearly dead on the sands. )
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Title: And So It Is
Game: Awakening
Characters/Pairings: Chrom/F!Avatar/Sumia
Rating: PG
Summary: In the new future, Robin reflects as she, Chrom and Sumia share a peaceful moment.
Word Count: 832
Author's Note: This can be seen as a follow-up to Okay.

None of their children would lose any memories this time. )
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Title: Magical Promise
Game: Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword
Characters/Pairings: Lyn/Florina
Rating: PG
Summary: When a monster corners her in an alleyway, Florina's sure this is it. Then a mysterious girl in a sparkly costume leaps to her rescue.
Word Count: 1088
Author's Note: Largely based on Sailor Moon with elements of other magical girl shows.

I won't keep you much longer. Just take this. )
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As usual, the prompt list is split into het/gen and slash/poly and divided by game from to keep the lists from being unmanageable. However, FE 4/5, 1/3/11/12 and 13 aren't divided this way given that they're too small at the moment.

Usually I mark them with (N), however I refrained this round, considering that I felt it needed more differentiation. However, I didn't figure out the actual method until I'd sorted all the prompts, so next round should have each new set of prompts marked with the round number. Also new this round is the claims will be put on a separate post.

-Comment here saying what you want to claim. Claims will remain open until the round ends on September 24th, so don't worry if you're swamped with finals or something.

-You can claim as many as you want.

-You can claim your own prompts, if you want.

-Art claims are just as welcome as fic claims.

-There is no penalty for defaulting, or late entries.

-There is no limit of how many times a prompt can be claimed.

-You can post it in parts if the plotbunny goes awry.

-The minimum wordcount is 100; there is no maximum.

-You can co-write a claim with someone, just let me know along the way and I'll list you as coauthors.

Also note that if you're shy and want to remain anonymous, you can claim anonymously, and email me at seneai (at) and comment anonymously letting me know. You're also welcome to put it up to (or AO3, etc.) instead and crosspost it over.

If you have a question about what a prompter wanted with a specific prompt, just ask here and I'll try and PM them (at least, if they were signed in. I'm afraid I can't help with anons.)

The new prompts are listed with an for those people who just want the new stuff. You can just search and find to go through them that way.

As last round, the prompts are sorted alphabetically by het/gen and femme/slash/poly to keep the lists from being unwieldy.

Onto the prompts!

any/all prompts )

FE 1/3/11/12 )

FE4/5 )

FE6/7 )

FE8 )

FE9/10 )

FE13 )

crossovers )
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